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Um, I'm No Preacher!

Um, I'm No Preacher!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were having a nice meal at our favorite lunch spot. Sitting at a cozy corner table, we were enjoying our food and conversation. It was a great time for the both of us except for one thing- there was a young couple (teenagers) at a table close to us arguing loudly. I was doing my best to ignore them, but I could still overhear everything being said.

The guy was being very aggressive and swearing directly into the female's face.  He was angry, upset, and completely disrespecting her. It was getting to the point where I wanted to protect her from his harsh verbal abuse. Absolutely no one deserves to be spoken to like that!

Then gradually, I started to look past the swearing and aggressiveness in his tone. That's when I realized that he was only hurting and just simply confused with the situation.

Some of the conversation included:

"I've been trying to please you, but you just keep turning away from me!"

“Don’t doubt me, I will graduate from high school.”

“You’re leaving me out of all of this!”

Tears were slowly forming in the female’s eyes, but she was still maintaining her demeanor. (I have to also mention that the female was very, very pregnant, too.) Their arguing continued on and even escalated a bit. I noticed a few other folks that were close by also getting frustrated and annoyed. If only I could give this young couple a little guidance, pray with them, or maybe just plant the seed that God is there for them.  If only..... right?

There was no good reason why I couldn’t go right up and talk to them. After all, I’ve never been one to be shy or hold back in a social situation.  So, why in the world was I sitting there making excuses now? Isn’t one of the goals of being a Christian to get God's message across? Shouldn’t I be happy to jump at a chance to testify to others? Yes, I should, but I just sat there feeling inadequate and frightened to do so.

I thought, I’m no preacher and I certainly do not have the whole Bible memorized. What if they got the impression that I was some crazy religious freak? What if they told me to mind my own business? What if I was rejected? So, I decided to pray for them by myself and not to intervene.

When our meal was over, my husband got up to use the restroom. I put on my coat and was just about to head to the car when something stopped me. A quiet, still voice inside me said, "Now is your last chance! Don't be discouraged. Your confidence in God will guide you and give you the ability to help these young kids."

That's when I went up to the young couple and introduced myself. I went on to say that I had overheard them arguing. I told them that this kind of thing still happens with my husband and me sometimes. I couldn't believe how smoothly the conversation went. Then, I asked them if they knew the Lord.

They both said, "Yes!"

At that moment, the same guy who had been slamming curse words and being so mean, broke down in tears. I was totally amazed. I reassured them that God is there with them and will help them in any situation if they just ask Him.

When my husband came back from the restroom, all four of us prayed together. Immediately the cloud of confusion and anger lifted from the table. It was replaced with the peaceful presence of our Heavenly Father. We said our goodbyes and I gave them my number in case they just needed someone to talk to.

Wow! I felt so blessed and so special that God used me like that, but somewhat ashamed that in the beginning I had so much doubt and fear. The bottom line is that even in the middle of the devil creating havoc, God still remains in control.

I learned a valuable lesson that day about my faith. The Scriptures tell us "Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17).  Clearly, I am a work in progress, but I do keep striving to have a better relationship with God. The more we focus on our relationship with God and continue to study His Word, the better our faith becomes. We must not be afraid, ashamed, or let any fear stop us from sharing Christ with others. There even may be times when we are rejected. Just remember, Jesus was also rejected.

 May God bless you and His light shine in you always!