March 4, 2014

The Jesus Sticker Guy

Let’s face it folks, driving in general can cause stress and frustration for everyone. I’ve definitely have had moments when I came close to losing it on the road. We’ve all been there! Even if you are the most experienced and patient driver, you’ve still got to deal with those who aren’t. There is Speedy Gonzales who feels like his time is more important than everyone else’s safety. There are the texting drivers who drive worse than those that are highly intoxicated. And let’s not forget our dear grandparents that drive so slow that Timmy my pet turtle could beat ‘em in a race. Yes, there are many dangerous and annoying things that can strike a nerve when we’re driving.

With all that said, it wasn’t much of a surprise when a guy pulled right out in front of me the other day. We had even made eye contact before he bullied his way into my lane, forcing me to hit the brakes. I just took a deep breath and rolled my eyes. Then, I happened to notice something that really got under my skin. He had a big ole bumper sticker that says, “Jesus Saves” on his car.

The Jesus Sticker Guy
Really dude?

Way to go buddy!

That was a great way to represent the gospel, right?

Okay, maybe he was just borrowing a friend’s car, maybe it was a stolen car, but let’s just say for kicks that it was his own vehicle. It’s like someone that just went hunting with a dead deer strapped to the back of their truck on their way to support a PETA Protest. Or spotting the same doctor that told you to maintain a healthy diet, eating a double bacon cheeseburger with extra chili fries.

If you’re going to preach it… you best be living it son!

Okay, So I mess up and make mistakes just like everyone else does. As it says in Romans 3:23, we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are also told in the scriptures that Christ is the only perfect one without sin (1 Peter 2:22, 2 Samuel 22:31). The reason why “The Jesus Sticker Guy” struck such a strong chord with me was very simple. You see, this dude was advertising how amazing our Heavenly Father is to everyone, yet his actions weren’t exactly testifying how Christ changed him for the better. It’s incidents like this that tend to turn unbelievers away from Christ and assume that all Christians are hypocrites.

It’s not enough for us to go to church on Sundays and just learn God’s word, we must also live God’s word! Being followers of Christ, we are to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel at all times (Philippians 1:27).  Our actions should reflect our identity in Him no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Jesus left an example so that we might follow his steps and learn from Him (1 Peter 2:21, Matthew 11:29).

If I could go back into time now, I’d actually like to thank “The Jesus Sticker Guy” for teaching me a valuable lesson. No matter the place or situation, our lives should always reflect the love we have for Christ and our obedience to God.

Scripture References:

Philippians 1:27 ESV
Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel,

Romans 3:23 ESV
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

2 Samuel 22:31 ESV
This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

1 Peter 2:21 ESV
For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.

Matthew 11:29 ESV
Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew 5:48 ESV
You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Psalm 96:3 ESV
Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Matthew 28:19 ESV
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,