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Forgiveness Worksheet & Prayer

Sometimes forgiveness is a simple act and other times it can hold us captive by feeding on the unresolved bitterness that we carry. Our inner pain, anger, and resentment can last for a lifetime if not resolved. Thankfully, having a forgiving spirit will become easier as our walk with Christ grows and we submerge ourselves in God's word. This blog post was inspired by Christian Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Pauline Dillard, and The Biblical Counseling Concepts Workbook by John Regier. My hope is that it will help bring you healing and peace through Jesus Christ.  

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. -Ephesians 4:32 (NIV)

1. Write down, circle, underline, or highlight the feelings caused by the person
that you need to forgive. This will help you identify the emotional pain that needs to be healed.

2. Once you have acknowledged the emotional pain words, write down and reflect on what happened that caused them. Here are a few examples.....
Example 1: I never felt supported by my father when he didn't attended any of my football, hockey, or basketball games in high school. This caused me to feel: Alone, like I didn't measure up, unloved, and not supported.
Example 2: Last Christmas Night, I overheard my sister saying to the family that I needed to lay off the sweets because I was getting fat. She was very aware that I had been struggling for a while with my weight. This caused me to feel: Wounded, hurt, ugly, worthless, ashamed, and like I didn't belong.
Example 3: I moved across country, sold my business, sold my home, and left all my friends to be closer to Sue's family and she left me two months later. I felt that I gave all I had to make my marriage work and she wouldn't stick it out. This caused me feel: Betrayed, tricked, confused, broken, ashamed, unwanted, like a failure, abandoned, and embarrassed.

3. Prayer of Forgiveness:

Lord, I choose to forgive ___(name)___ for ____(issue)____ causing me to feel _____(emotional pain)______. I am willing to pay for the emotional pain and consequences that __(name)__ has caused me. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to take back the ground I gave to the enemy through my bitterness and I yield that ground to Your control.

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